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By Mike King

"All The News That Sulzberger's Propaganda Rag Saw Fit To Distort"

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Slimes Caption: President Trump at the White House --- For all his tough language this week, the strikes he ordered in Syria made no apparent effort to damage President Bashar al-Assad's broader war machine.

NY Times: President Trump Talked Tough. But His Strike on Syria Was Restrained.

NY Times: Analysis: Syrians Face Hard Lesson. Assad Can Still Gas His Own People

Well, well, well. It appears that the Jew York Slimes is all butt-hurt over the fact that Trump's missile strikes (as we predicted) didn't actually do any damage. From the first article:
"In sending missiles and bombs at Syria, President Trump hit more targets and used more firepower than he did in a similar military strike last year. But in the end, he opted for what was still a restrained operation that was evidently calculated to avoid provoking Syria's patrons in Russia and Iran into retaliating."
In other words, Trump's missile show just "shilled" the crap out of the Globo & Zio warmongers! But Syria wasn't the only place to take incoming missiles the other night. Within minutes of the news, some of "youse guys" launched your own mockery missiles which filled up the inbox of
Mike, it looks like your theory about Trump and Putin is wrong. --- Mike, I love your work, but you're delusional about Trump. --- Mike, you are grasping at straws. --- Mike, Q is a bullshit psyop. --- Mike, Trump just launched an attack. You should have known better. --- Mike, Trump is starting World War III. --- Mike, Trump playing 4-D Chess? Hang it up! --- Mike, it's time to publish a retraction, etc. etc. etc."
Oh well, at least no one cussed us out or cancelled their subscription! (send apologies via contact box down below)
Image result for trump missile attack on syria 2018Image result for missile attack on syria 2018 Image result for trump mission accomplished

After all the huffing and puffing and missile attacks, where's the damage? Trump proclaims "Mission Accomplished" as Assad remains in power, and the Russian-Iranian forces remain in place.

Oh ye beloved TomatoBubblers of little faith! Have we not by now sufficiently established the pattern? Sugar and I, er, "The Editorial Board" of The Anti-New York Times remains firm in the conviction that the pretty fireworks were all just for show. Once again, Trump has neutralized the warmongers, co-opting them as the Russians (his allies) expose the false flag chemical attack.
Notice the pattern:
  • Trump "attacks" Syria in 2017 then, weeks later, cuts off funding to the CIA's "moderate rebels" just as Putin is bombing the crap out of them.
  • Trump threatens to nuke North Korea. Now, he will be meeting with Lil' Kim in June!
  • Trump declares "trade war" against China. Then, China removes some of its trade barriers (as Xi and Trump had surely already agreed upon during Trump's visit to China).
  • Trump goes along with Congress's sanctions on Russia (which he cannot stop, anyway) and bashes Putin. He then announces that he wants to meet with Putin soon.
Trump's strategy of rhetorical aggressiveness and harmless fireworks enables him to outmaneuver the warmongers -- keeping them silent as he pulls the rug out from under them. Be not alarmed by these strategic actions, boys and girls. Trump, Putin, Xi -- and by extension, Assad and Lil' Kim are all on the same team. For all we know, Trump may have even just bombed CIA targets!

Image result for missile strike on syria trumpImage result for trump rocket man new york post Image result for trump trade war china
1. Flashback: 2017: Remember the previous harmless attack on Syria back in April, 2017? 2. Remember the "Rocket Man" insults and the threatening "fire & fury" theatrics? 3. The "Trade War" with China will not happen either.
One frustrated reader asked a fair question.
"Mike. What would be your red line which finally causes you to give up on Trump?"
Response: "When Trump takes us to war anywhere in the world, that will be my "red line" --- As of now, Assad remains in power, Kim remains in power, and the Iranian government remains in power. Meanwhile, ISIS has been wrecked and Syria remains under Russian and Iranian protection. Keep your eye on the ball, not the head fakes."
And what did Q have to say about the missile attacks? He posted this at about the same time as the attack:
Trust POTUS.
Sparrow Red.
Missiles only.
Intel good.
"Sparrow Red"may refer to the movie "Red Sparrow" -- a 2018 spy movie which features CIA vs Russian Intel. Hmmmm.
Image result for skeptical Image result for q anonImage result for thinking
It's OK to be skeptical, but the fact remains that Q has, to date, shared some very uncommon knowledge that seems to fit recent events more and more.
Indeed, we are, unquestionably, further away from World War III then we were when Mr. & Mr. Obongo left office. And can you even imagine where we'd be right now if that blood-thirsty psychotic hag Killary had been elected?! In the final analysis, despite Trump's matching-blue-tie chumminess with Bibi Satanyahoo, his controversial recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital, his frequent verbal thrashing of Iran, his donning of the skullcap at the "Wailing Wall" , and the appointment of Zio-puppet-psycho John Bolton as National Security Adviser, the undeniable fact remains that the long-cherished "Greater Israel" project will not be advancing as long as Syria, with Trump's apparent blessing, is under Russian, Iranian and, indirectly, Chinese protection. Watch the results, boys and girls -- not the head fakes!
From the Times of Israel, April 14, more butt-hurt:

Israel Fears Trump May See Job as Done in Syria, Leave Israel Alone to Face Iran

"Israeli security chiefs made clear on Saturday night that Israel fears the Trump Administration will now consider that its work in Syria is done, and leave Israel alone to face the dangers posed by Iran's growing military presence in Syria.

Israel's defense chiefs are also reportedly worried that Russia's President Vladimir Putin, seeing Syria under US-led attack, may provide President Bashar Assad with more advanced air defense systems — which could reduce Israel's air supremacy in the skies of Syria and Lebanon. A Russian general indicated such an arms supply was possible in comments on Saturday. "

Image result for WORRIED JEWRelated image

"Oy vey! Trump is letting Russia and Iran occupy Syria!"

The Defense Ministers of Iran, Syria, and Russia have promised a "decisive fight" against President Assad's opponents in the Syrian civil war.

Speaking of Israel, Q, in response to a question about potential Israeli treachery (March 10, 2018), posted this:
"We are saving Israel for last. Very specific reason not mentioned a single time. Q."
Could it possibly be that the man that we, up until a few months ago, routinely mocked as "Trumpstein," is playing the Zionists just as he is playing the Globalists? Double hmmmm. We still have a hard time fully believing Q's "White Hat" revolution, but more and more, the unfolding of events does at least make it seem plausible, if not yet proved. The operative term here is "hopeful skepticism."
Stay tuned.
Image result for trump netanyahuImage result for we are saving israel for last
Q once posted about "saving the best for last" --- and then "saving Israel for last." Could it be that the military intelligence forces behind Trump -- who surely must resent the USS Liberty false-flag of 1967 which killed 37 US sailors; and the false-flag massacre of 240 US Marines in Lebanon in 1982 -- have a little surprise in store for Israel at the end?

Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today that Trump's airstrikes against Syria really didn't do any damage.

Boobus Americanus 2: I know. He did the same thing last year. It's almost as if he doesn't really want to have an actual war --- thank goodness!

Image result for chess move

Sugar: Keep thinking, Boobuss, keep thinking!

Editor: Assad ain't goin' nowhere--- and the chosenites have got to know it by now.

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