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By Mike King

Once upon a time, the Evolutionists theorize, a 'simple single-cell life form' spontaneously emerged out of a protein-rich 'primordial soup' which, they theorize, had also existed. Another group of crackpots argue that "Luca" (Last Universal Common Ancestor) grew out of the ocean floor, and still others now insist -- with comical certainty - that the point of origin was a sea-vent. Through the process of binary fission, they theorize, single bacterial cells divided and regrouped into multi-cellular organisms.
Over billions of years, the family tree theoretically branched out to include all living things --from blades of grass, to birds, to maggots, to Marilyn Monroe. It's amazing what a 'simple' cell can theoretically do! We emphasize the word "theory" because not one of these amazing events has ever been actually observed, and nor can any be duplicated by experimentation.
Charles Darwin had proposed that the very first cell, the "universal common ancestor" of all life forms, could have formed "in some warm little pond." One of Darwin's supporters and colleagues, the German biologist (and admitted forger) Ernst Haeckel, examined a mixture of mud removed from the sea-bed and claimed that it was a non-living substance that turned into a living one. This so-called "mud that came to life," is an indication of just how basic and how simple that living cells were thought to be by the founding fools and falsifiers of "The Theory of Evolution" TM (bow your head in solemn reverence as you say that).

Shhh! Please don't tell anyone that Haeckel and I are frauds."

By invoking the "simplicity" of that original simple cell, Evolution is made to sound somewhat plausible to those who are easily-impressed by the diploma-decorated dick-heads of egghead academia. The misrepresentation of the original simple cell slowly 'evolving' into more complex cells, and then into actual full-blown creatures over time, is the only way that the Evolutionists can even begin to sell their junk-science. So, let's attack the theory at its very root, "the simple cell."

To make life easier for the Evolutionists, let us grant them a generous head-start by not even asking how the Universe organized itself into a precision so mathematically perfect as to make a Rolex watch seem like a piece of inaccurate junk; or where the 'Primordial Soup' came from; or the Sun; or the amino acids and protein building blocks, or how the Earth and its chemical components all got here in the perfect proportions necessary to sustain life. Let's focus only on the "simple" and "spontaneous" cell.
The word cell comes from Latin, cella, meaning "small room," (jail cell, cellar etc) which is essentially what the cell is. The cell is the basic structural and functional unit of all living organisms. Cells are the smallest form of life that can replicate independently. Prokaryotic cells are said to be the earliest and 'simplest' forms of bacterial life on Earth, as they have a self-sustaining process built into them. A prokaryotic cell has three regions, each with its own components. On the outside, flagella and pili project from the cell's surface. These structures are made of proteins that facilitate movement and actual communication between cells. Did you know that cells, like ants, actually communicate with each other by sending and receiving signals? That's how "good bacteria cells" know how to kill "bad bacteria cells. Where did that "intelligence" come from?
Enclosing the cell itself is the cell envelope – which consists of a cell wall covering a plasma membrane and a further covering layer called a capsule. The envelope gives rigidity to the cell and also serves as a protective filter and barrier against exterior forces, and prevents the cell from expanding and bursting from environmental pressures.
Finally, inside the cell is the cytoplasm region that contains the complex, and we do mean, complex, and voluminous, and we do mean, voluminous, coded genome (DNA). Prokaryotes also carry extra-chromosomal DNA elements called plasmids, which encode antibiotic resistance genes.

The "randomly formed" original "simple single cell" comes with its own genome -- living computer chips packed with voluminous complex DNA coding which transmits during cell reproduction.

So you see, dear reader, this bacterial 'simple cell' which accidentally, randomly, and 'unintelligently' popped up out of the sand ot the soup is not so "simple" after all. It's actually a multi-functional, multi-component, integrated, well-oiled and living machine that cellular biologists can spend an entire lifetime studying. If it were possible to shrink yourself to the size of an atom, enter the walls of the 'simple single cell,' and gaze about this microscopic world-within-a-world like some awestruck tourist; you would marvel at the suddenly visible nanotechnology enveloping you. Only this bit of orchestrated technology actually lives, mends itself, protects itself, feeds itself, and, get this, reproduces itself!

Sorry Chuckie D., but integrated complexity and living nanotechnology does not spring up without intelligence behind it. Even the atoms, the tiniest particles of matter within the "simple" cell, demonstrate an ordered integrated complexity of their own. Every atom is composed of a nucleus made of protons and neutrons. The nucleus is surrounded by a cloud of electrons. The electrons are bound to the atom by the electromagnetic force, and the protons and neutrons in the nucleus are bound to each other by the nuclear force -- all in the perfect mathematical proportion needed for stability. Nothing "simple" about nuclear physics, eh Chuckie?

Neither atoms nor cells are "simple!" Darwin's parent-less "simple" cell, which popped-up out of the non-observable "primordial soup," is actually more complex than an nuclear submarine or a space ship.

All "simple" life is complex and integrated; and cannot come from non-life. Intelligence cannot come from non-intelligence. Consciousness cannot come from non-consciousness. There is not a single bacteria cell on Planet Earth that doesn't have a "mother." And yet, the entire Theory of Evolution rests on the dogmatic belief that the first "simple" cell (and no other cell since) was somehow "immaculately conceived." Think about it.

So then, if life forms can only come from other life forms; how did life originate? The only plausible explanation is that life, like time and like space, is an eternal phenomenon with no beginning and no end -- an idea way above our intellectual pay-grades to fully grasp, yet completely logical nonetheless. The universal creative life force is the parent of all. He is not an old man with a long white beard and tunic, of course, but we may nonetheless logically refer to this awe-inspiring, eternal, intelligent creative life-force as "God."

The "simple cell" Darwinists and the Big Bangers need to go back to the drawing board and "check their math," as well as their logic. They won't though, because Godlessness and conceited arrogance walk hand-in-hand.

The mathematical "fingerprints" of an intelligent creative force are everywhere - snowflakes, spider webs, insect wings.

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