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By Mike King

"All The News That Sulzberger's Propaganda Rag Saw Fit To Distort"

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NY Times: Why Jacinda Ardern Matters

New Zealand's prime minister is emerging as the progressive antithesis to right-wing strongmen like Trump, Orban and Modi, whose careers thrive on illiberal, anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant rhetoric.


Many months before the recent hoax shooting in Christchurch, New Zealand, the phenomenon of "JacindaMania" was already being pushed by the international Piranha Press. No offense to our New Zealand friends; but how peculiar that the Prime Ministerette of such a faraway land with a population roughly equivalent to just the city of Philadelphia should be showered with such international hype. Part of that can be explained as being due to Ardern's extreme Marxism (former President of the International Union of Socialist Youth) and also to her much hyped and oh-so "modern" 2018 unmarried, in-office pregnancy / childbirth. But we reckoned that there had to be something more behind this international push to canonize her so quickly.

Some past, pre-Christchurch headlines from "the paper of record" --aka Sulzberger's Slimes:

  • Jacina Ardern, New Zealand's Sudden Star, Gets Set to Govern Oct 20, 2017
  • Jacinda Ardern Embraces Dual Role: New Zealand Prime Minister and Mom April 2, 2018
  • Lady of the Rings: Jacinda Rules Sept 8, 2018
  • Jacinda Ardern's Progressive Politics Made Her a Global Sensation Sept 26, 2018

Now, thanks to Ardern's head-covering grandstanding, insincere "grieving" and overall "handling" of the aftermath of the fake mass-killing of Muslims said to have been carried out by a "White Nationalist," JacindaMania is reaching a fever pitch not seen since the days of ObamaMania or PopeFrancisMania. And still, we wonder, why is she being so puffed-up. It all just seems too much. Image result for jacindamania Image result for jacinda ardern time magazine

A whole lot of hype for the Prime Ministerette of such a small faraway nation. Why?


Image result for jacinda ardern time magazine Image result for jacinda ardern time magazine Image result for jacinda ardern time magazine

Jacinda --- Jacinda --- Jacinda


Image result for jacinda ardern time magazine Image result for jacinda ardern time magazine Image result for jacinda ardern

Jacinda --- Jacinda --- Jacinda


Image result for jacinda ardern cover of magazine Image result for jacinda ardern cover of magazine Related image

Jacinda --- Jacinda --- Jacinda

Image result for jacinda wearing head covering

Oh the "compassion" for a bunch of imaginary "victims"!

Some of "youse guys" may have already seen the video of St. Jacinda that has just surfaced. It shows her strutting down a hallway as her, shall we say, "package" bulges through her dress. Upon seeing Jacinda's johnson for myself just last night, not only did it become clear that Prime Minister Ardern is actually Prime Mister Ardern; but that nagging question regarding the motive for the odd intensity of JacindaMania was also answered in an instant.
You see, the Globo-Satanists had already given the world numerous sodomite heads-of-state -- some closeted (Churchill, Obongo, Maricon (not a typo) of France) and some now openly queer (Varadkar of Ireland & of Bettel of Luxembourg); and they have gifted humanity with tranny First Ladies (Mike Obongo and Agnese Renzi of Italy) -- but a full-blown tranny head-of-state? No. Never before, as far as we can tell. And that is why Prime Mister Ardern is being puffed-up to the stars while the invisible masters (cough cough) controlling the Fake News laugh their demonic assess off. Have a look at the manly images below, and the brief posted MUST SEE video. We'll wait for ya.
Image result for michelle obama penis Image result for jacinda ardern tranny Related image
Just like Mike! A manly face with a bulge where it shouldn't be -- but to see the jiggle in her his its package, see amazing 29-second video below

Ya see that thing bouncing around? That ain't no frickin' maxi-pad! And did "youse guys" notice how she he it seemed embarassed at one point, and perhaps thought about covering up with that folder? Oh there's no doubt about this one, boys and girls. Bet the farm on it! And as an extra "in your face" mockery, the long term scriptwriters assigned a very appropriate name to the unmarried Prime Mister's "baby daddy" --- Clarke Gayford. How conveeenient!

Were it not so evil and dangerous in its scope, this farce down in New Zealand would all make for some side-splitting good comedy. What a mad world we now live in. It really is sick out there, and getting sicker by the day.

Related image Image result for jacinda ardern gay pride
1. Two fags and an adopted (or kidnapped?) baby. // 2. Jacinda became the first NZ Prime Mister to march in an LGBT "pride" parade.


Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today that the female Prime Minister of New Zealand is getting high marks for her handling of the shooting which took place.

Boobus Americanus 2: Well, one of the advantages of being a woman leader is that empathy comes natural to her.


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Editor: I know, Jesus. I know. But she's got a good heart.
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