"This website kicks a TON of ass! It's very well organized and so easy to understand." - RN, Minnesota

TomatoBubble Response: "Thanks. It was designed with simplicity / "user friendliness" in mind. Anyone can understand it, but sadly, many will refuse to accept it.


"Absolutely mind bending. I was literally seething with rage as I read it. I always knew I was being fed a bunch of lies. Now I have the ammunition I need to prove it." - GF, Florida

TomatoBubble Response: Don't allow the anger to eat you up inside. I've been there. Just take steps to prepare yourself for when the shit hits the fan. Really not much we can do to stop these psychopaths. Just live your life as best you can, and learn to accept that which we cannot change.


"Thanks for putting this together." HJ, California

TomatoBubble Response: You are most welcome. You are indeed lucky. We had to dedicate years of study to draw out the simple truths that readers can now digest in just a few hours.


"Very interesting fiction, but fiction nonetheless. Nothing else. People who fall for this nonsense probably believe that Elvis is still alive. Our politicians may not be perfect, but to suggest that so many of our great statesmen were evil is itself, evil." LK, Georgia

TomatoBubble Response: "Great Statesmen" ??? If they were all so great, then why are we in this sad situation? You worship authority too much my friend...."Great Statesmen" don't burn & crush millions of innocent women and children to death!


So, the great men of the past 100 or so years were all scumbags? ...It doesn't surprise me. This is a real masterpiece.

TomatoBubble Response: Thanks. In a world gone mad....scumbags rule!


Recently, I have awoken to a world reality that is quite frightening; that instead of Adolf Hitler being the enemy, it turns out he was our friend. What a loss for all of us! My son now calls me neo-Nazi, LOL. Knowing that some caring people are behind this website has brought me comfort during much grief of what has transpired in the last 100 years. The funny parts helped me laugh for a change. The liberation of Danzig video is a delight and makes me cry every time! - TW, SF Bay Area

TomatoBubble Response: The "bad guys" are really the good guys and vice versa. That's the key to deciphering history and current events.


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